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Apostle Gerardo Ramirez, Jr. III

Gerardo Ramirez is the senior leader and co-founder of Gates of Life International Church of the Bronx, NY and Allentown, PA. A man of vision, purpose and destiny, Ramirez is a trailblazer in his generation. Mantled with authentic apostolic/prophetic gifting's, he brings a dynamic Kingdom message with a powerful deliverance ministry. He has a burning desire and focus to once again turn the mission fields of the United States upside down with the power and message of the Kingdom. Through GLC's "Ignite the Passion Today" weekly broadcast on GLCtv/Stellar Award Winning All Nations Radio, and the power of social networking platforms, Pastor Ramirez has become a vessel of breakthrough to thousands in over 12 different countries.

Ramirez is a conference speaker that is making disciples who in turn can go back out into the places from which they were delivered and bring GOD's delivering power to those in need and expand the Kingdom of God everywhere. Ramirez has studied at New York School of the Bible and Valor Christian College. As a teacher, he has also taught courses at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Brooklyn, NY. By equipping the people of God with the word of God, families are being restored, broken marriages repaired, and most importantly, humanity is experiencing reconciliation with the Lord Jesus Christ. He carries a huge burden for bringing true biblical unity back to the body of Christ. The Lord has used this man of God to bridge relationships between local ministries who would have never come together if not for this instrument calling for inter-dependence and solidarity in the Lord's church.

Ramirez has been greatly enriched over the years due to some of the great leaders that he has had the privilege to serve under. Ramirez's covering comes directly under one of the nations leading voices, Apostle Edward Ramirez, who is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Outreach Ministries in Paterson, NJ. Edward Ramirez serves as the Dean of Students at Valor Christian College in Columbus, Ohio and also serves as the Northeastern Director of the World Harvest Ministerial Alliance under the leadership of Dr. Rod Parsley.

Gerardo Ramirez has appeared as a guest on TBN SALSA, as a guest speaker on TBN's "I Will Bless the Lord" North Eastern television broadcast and the Preach the Word Television Network's flagship show, "Preach the Word," hosted by Apostle Dr. Marilyn Todman in Tallahasse, FL.

Ramirez is the proud husband of Prophetess Barbara Ramirez and proud father of their four children Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zachariah and Sara Evelyn.        

To book Apostle Ramirez, please contact our offices at 347.442.5377 and leave a detailed message for follow-up.

Prophetess Barbara M. Ramirez

A burning preacher, teacher, intercessor, gatherer and lover of people describes the powerful ministry of this woman of GOD. She is the Senior Pastor of GLC's Allentown, PA campus and helped to co-found the ministry with her husband, Gerardo Ramirez in June of 2006. Barbara Ramirez has emerged as a trailblazer in her generation with an unction that powerfully impacts women and men who are thirsty for transformation and a life filled with the purpose of GOD.

As a conference speaker, Prophetess Ramirez has helped hundreds of women to become whole in Christ and give birth to purpose.  She is the host of the "Women of the Word" television program which broadcasts on GLCtv and is the leader of the "Jewels of the Kingdom" Women's Ministry.

Prophetess Ramirez has appeared as a guest on the radio show, "A Light in the Path"  on Internet Radio "Una Luz en el Camino."  

Prophetess Barbara Ramirez is the proud wife of Apostle Gerardo Ramirez and proud mother of their four children Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zachariah and Sara Evelyn.

To book Prophetess Ramirez, please contact our offices at 347.442.5377 and leave a detailed message for follow-up.

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